From 11:30am Till 2:30pm




Naan Rolls , Each naan is freshly made to order, then graced with a little cream cheese and wrapped around one of these first-rate fillings


Chicken Tikka

Chunky Soy

$12.90 each


(Add chips $2.5)

BURGERS Till Lunch Only


Tandoori Chicken Burger

With cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, green chutney And Chips.


14 Hours Cooked Pulled Beef Brisket Burger with Cheese, Coleslaw, Bbq Sauce and Chips.


Vegie Burger (V)

Potato Croquet With Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Green chutney, Tamarind Sauce And Chips


Butter Chicken/Butter paneer/Spicy Fried Soy Chaap

House pickled roots and cucumber, fresh Asian herbs, peanuts, Makhani sauce.

2 PIECES $16

3 PIECES $22



Tandoori Prawns/ Tandoori Chicken/ Spicy Fried Soy Chaap

Pineapple, pickled cabbage. Green chutney, chipotle, scallions.

2 PIECES $15

3 PIECES $21

Small Plates

Dahi Puri (V)(VGO +$1) 

Crispy round parcel filled with tangy potato mix, topped with
house made chutneys and yoghurt mousse.


Mild Spiced potatoes, peas and powdered green mango, filled in a crispy pastry served W’ chickpeas salsa & chutneys and sweet yoghurt.


Marinated Paneer then gently charred with red and green capsicums & onion served with green chutney.


Puffed Rice, crisps, sev, peanuts, Asian herbs and chutneys.


Super salad (V, G.F)

Kale, green lentils, black chickpeas, coriander, onion, tomatoes, avocado, superfood sprinkles, extra virgin olive oil N lemon juice.

$14.90 (Add Chicken $4)

Kale Chaat (V, G.F)(VGO +$1)

Our version of Street food – kale, potato, Spanish onion, chickpeas, sweet yoghurt, tamarind sauce, mint chutney N sev


Potato Tikki (V, G.F)(VGO +$1)

Spiced potato croquettes center filled with lentil, cottage cheese and cashew, sweet yogurt, coriander chutney, tamarind sauce, pickled roots, and tomato salsa.(Contains nuts)


Malai Soy Chops (V) (VGO)

Soy chunks marinated with ginger, garlic, cream, and turmeric served W’ side salad and green chutney


Malai Chicken Tikka (G.F)

Chard chicken thigh pieces marinated with yogurt and spices served with salad and green chutney.


Tangy Chips Loaded with Aioli (VG)


Tandoori Tangdi Kebab (G,F)

Chard chicken leg pieces marinated with yoghurt and spices. served with crunchy salad and mint yoghurt.


Sheekh Kabab(G.F)

Minced lamb is marinated with green chilli, coriander and cumin, then grilled served with mint yoghurt.


Lamb Keema Hyderabadi (V)

Lamb Mince with green peas cooked in tomato and onion sauce with spices, served with bun.


Amritsari Fish

Gram flour battered and deep-fried Rockling pieces served with coriander r& mint chutney and lemon wedge


Tandoori Prawns (G.F)

Charred Prawns marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon juice & served with mango chutney, Asian slaw, lemon wedge.




Crispy Skin Salmon Fillet G.F

W’ mild spiced spinach puree, yellow lentil salsa, and lemon wedge.



Lamb Cutlet G.F

Marinated with yoghurt, ginger, garlic and spices served with Bombay potatoes and mint chutney.




Lamb Shank Biryani G.F

Aromatic rice, cooked with biryani Spices, crispy shallots, nuts, fresh ginger, rose, fresh herbs with Coriander yoghurt.


Jackfruit Biryani G.F

Delicious, savoury jackfruit and delicately saffron’d rice, potted and cooked with fresh herbs, barberries and sultana, fresh herbs with Coriander yoghurt.


Chicken Tikka Biryani G.F

Chard chicken thigh pieces, Aromatic rice, cooked with biryani Spices, crispy shallots, nuts, fresh ginger, rose, fresh herbs with Coriander yoghurt.



Dal Tadka (V.G, G.F)

Yellow moong dhal cooked with ginger, garlic, tempered with cumin seeds and whole dry red chili.


Butternut Squash & Mixed Vegetables Coconut curry (VG)

Butternut squash, Seasonal vegetables cooked in a tomato, onion and coconut base curry w’ turmeric and tempered mustard seeds.


Dhal Makhani (V, G.F)(VGO)

Black lentils and kidney beans, slow-cooked for 4 hours along with ginger, garlic and whole spices and finished with dairy.




Butter Chicken G.F

Chard free-range chicken marinated with yogurt, ginger, garlic, and spices with makhani sauce.



Kadhai Chicken G.F

Chard-free range chicken with diced capsicum and onion cooked in thick gravy.



Roghan Josh ( LAMB / BEEF) G.F

Tender lamb pieces cooked in yogurt based thick gravy and spices.


Saag ( Lamb, Chicken ) G.F

Tender meat pieces cooked in Spinach puree along with fresh ginger, garlic, and spices.


Beef Vindaloo (G.F)

Full of flavors and spiciness and a hint of tanginess.


Prawn Masala(G.F)

Prawns cooked in a tomato, onion, and coconut base curry w’ turmeric, whole chili, Soy sauce, and tempered mustard seeds


Coconut Fish Curry (G.F)

Rockling cooked in a tomato, onion, and coconut base curry w’ turmeric and tempered mustard seeds.


Kadhai Paneer (V, G.F)

Indian cheese diced capsicum and onion cooked in thick gravy.


Palak Paneer (V) (G.F)

Indian Cheese cooked in Spinach puree along with fresh ginger, garlic and spices finished with a touch of cream


Soy Pinwheel Tadka (V.G)

Soy Chunks cooked with capsicum and onion in tomato and onion gravy along with soy sauce, fresh herbs, and spices




Naan with butter(V)



Garlic and herb naan(V)



Tandoori Roti w’ Butter / Garlic



Tomato & onion Raita (V,G.F)



Pickled Onion



Cumin Rice (V, G.F)



Bombay Seeded Potato (V)


Papadum (V)

W‘ house-made chutneies and mixed pickle


Mango Chutney(V)


Green Salad (V)


Something Sweet

Espresso Ras MalaI

A rich cheesecake without a crust soaked in coffee & served with peanut brittle and salted caramel ice cream.


Gulab Jamun

India’s favorite milk solid based sweet, soaked in saffron N rose sugar syrup served with chai mascarpone, designated coconut & rose Petal.