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Chichora- An Indian Authentic Indian Eatery

One of the best Indian Restaurants and Cafe in Melbourne



Visit Chichora for food with such a lip-smacking taste that lingers on your lips even after hours of your last meal and resonates in your heart for the rest of your week (we believe in ourselves, our Indian authentic flavours will for sure draw you back to us).


Exquisite Beverages

Chichora serves you the best in Melbourne; cities best hand-curated, artisan drinks that soothe your body and brain with a refreshing twist. Review our drinks and check out our cellar, our collection of an exquisite range of cocktails to suit your every mood.


Chichora, today, is one of Melbourne’s rapidly growing Indian cafes and restaurants. Proud to say, we are the first Indian cafe-style food in Melbourne that serves the right air, a good ambience, taste, and an eatery that skillfully manages to replicate the essence of Indian flavours through all its present services like dine-ins, Indian restaurant takeaways, and more.

Our Story

Ranging from interesting and mouth-watering food we provide our customers with healthy and heavenly family meals.

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We promise to direct your cravings and serve you just right to ensure your day is not at all dull, your stomach is just enough full, and your heart craves just one thing all year long- CHICHORE!

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You too crave something unique and different every other day, right? We knew it! You need us and we are prepared for you

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8:30am -9:30 pm


8:30am - 9:30pm



749 Nicholson St,
Carlton north 3054